Help More Refugees: Keep Compassion In Line With Common Sense

Oppose Inefficient Resettlement


Five reasons why sheltering Middle Eastern refugees in stable areas of their region makes the most sense.

Keep compassion in line with common sense.  Help more refugees live in stable areas of the Middle East, instead of bringing a select few to the United States. 

We Can Help More Refugees


Resettling a Middle Eastern refugee costs $64,000 here in America vs. $5,400 in their home region over a five-year time span. 

Rebuilding Societies


Settling refugees closer to home allows refugees to be in a better position to return home and rebuild their societies when it is safe to do so. 

Making Wise Use Of Our Resources


Settling refugees closer to home allows the U.S. and the U.N. to stretch already limited aid dollars. Why help
1 refugee in America when we could help 12 in their home region?

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Stabilizing America's Growing Population


Admitting tens of thousands of refugees from 
war-torn Middle East will only help a select few and push America further down an unsustainable path of mass population growth (from 323 million to 400 million people in just 35 years).

Win-Win Situation


Addressing the refugee crisis at its source gives peace of mind to Americans concerned with national security, while touching significantly more lives.